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Really bad upper back pain!

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I've been having really bad upper back pain the last few days.

Most everyone tells me that I should see a chiropractor. Is this a good idea?

I was thinking about getting one of those prenatal cradles but I'm not sure that it would help anything besides the lower back pain.

I've been trying to sit up straighter and I have been doing the regular pregnancy exercises as well but nothing seems to help.

It hurts more if I lay on my left side than on my right.
Argg! I never knew how bad the back pains really were during pregnancy.
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Could be kidney pain. Might want to call your practitioner and double check.
I've been going to a chiropractor and it seems to help with my back issues.

Could it be from the additional weight of your breasts? Do you have a really supportive bra? I have been wearing sports bras through pregnancy for extra support.

Good luck!
I have gotten it with every pregnancy. It is just to the right of my spine about the middle of my ribcage. It starts around the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy. I asked my obgyn about it with my first and she said that some women experience ligament strain and even tears, and that my ligaments are probably torn. It feels like there is a spike in my back and though some positions are worse than others, there is no way for me to get it to go away. I'm very short waisted and there is no where for me to carry a baby but straight out, plus I have 9 pound, 22 inch babies, so it is really tough on my ligaments. I also have ligament pain about 2 inches in from my breastbone that is approximately where the spike would come through the front.
I think that is because my kids always have their butts right under my ribs there and it's really hard on the ligaments when you can only get so much torso space.

I tried the belly support, but didn't find it to do any good so I quit wearing it. I just suffer through. It's funny, though, because I can tell immediately when my kids have dropped during labor because the back pain suddenly goes away.
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I had that back pain with my third baby. OMG---pain!!! I couldn't sleep at night! Luckily, I found a chiro. who specialized in pregnancy work. She was a lifesaver. I called her office in tears, and within a few hours after seeing her, I felt relief.

Hope you find relief soon
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see here to find one familiar with webster technique (that means they have had special training working with pregnant mamas):

if it's your first visit to a chiro ever, be sure to tell the chiro this and they should more than happily explain everything they will be doing and will be looking for. just ask your questions and i've found that most chiros are very willing to take the time to answer them fully.


I had great, great lower back/leg pain. I went twice to physical therapy and it was gone. Turned out my tail-bone was crooked... Maybe some therapy will help you?
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