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OK, so I usually have long cycles, like about 33-35 days, but las month ( I got AF on May 30th), I had a 27 day cycle. My shortest in about a year or so!! That month I had a pretty bad UTI that I couldn't treat on my own and went on antibiotics so maybe that is what messed with things. ANyhow, I have been doing the Bd every other day since about day 10 since I had no idea what my cycle would do this month. I bought the clear plan monitor off of ebay and didn't know I had to set it before day 5 so that was a waste for this month! So, I noticed EWCm on day 18 or so (so late, I know), and I still have some. My question now is do I test? Should I just wait 33 days from my LMP? I used the early result test for my first pregnancy and it came back a BFN until three days past when I had gotten my period the month before. I actually was pregnant though! I am soooo dying to test, but I know it is way too early. Maybe if my dollar store has some tests.... Just curious, when is the earliest that anyone has tested and gotten a BFP??
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