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Okay so I was struggling with my 3yo and we're at the last end of diapering. I've always done disposable and cloth and just made do with what I've had passed along to me. So we're talking like Diaperap covers, cotton prefolds and that's it, basically. I always hated how ds would pee and sit in wet until I caught on and changed him, and as disposed to yeast as he is, you can imagine how frustrating it was... soo...

I have bunches of spare material and so I thought I'd solve my own problem, again, using what I had on hand.

I made a prefold that is made of flannel with a 'soaker' built in (much like regular prefolds are thicker in the middle), also made of flannel. I sewed a piece of microfleece on one side of the soaker so that when it's folded, the fleece piece is against his skin no matter how it bunches. I made one thicker than the others and he can wear that one thicker diaper with a cover all night and wake up with dry skin!!! He can wear them during the day and while they bunch up between his legs, the flannel doesn't cave into the prefold like it does when they're separate, and he stays dry! I'll try to shoot a picture so you can see how hideously wonderful they turned out but I wanted to share the concept.
I keep thinking I might perfect and sell them but have no idea if people would buy them? Would it be worth the effort, considering how many options and skilled WAHM there are out there already selling dipes? Post w/pic to follow.

Open to hearing all ideas/suggestions/feedback!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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