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really dumb question

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is there any way to test breastmilk to see if you're pregnant?

i don't know how i came up with that....but now it's stuck in my head and thought i'd throw it out there in case someone actually knows.....(or knows why it's impossible
: )

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I don't know, never thought of it before.

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I know that during pregnancy you do excrete pregnancy hormones through the milk (fun fact from Adventures In Tandem Nursing), but I don't know if it shows up right away. Also, I don't think there are ANY tests to test for it.

Some women say that their talking nursers will tell them that their milk tastes funny during AF. Others note a difference before or soon after the mama finds out she's pregnant. But, that may not be the actual pregnancy hormones the child notices, but rather changes in milk composition/flavor. (Adventures In Tandem Nursing told me about that, too. It's a good book. The scientific chapt well worth the read just for any nursing buff.)

Best wishes. Hope your milk and your urine are coming up positive real soon!
I always wished your pee would change colors if you were it would turn purple or something....or better yet, blue if a girl and green if a girl (pink would look too much like peeing blood).

ok, way too much time to think. lol.
jennifer! although blue and green would be too similar for me, i'd sit there staring and wondering, would this be considered green or blue? and what about twins? :LOL

already giving an impossible situation too much thought......
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