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So here are the dumb questions:
How do you tell the diff between fitteds and AIOs when they all have cute outer fabric?
AIOs either have a crunchy feeling print or a layer between the print and the inner material. I can tell by seperating the layers with my finger tips. If its a layer of PUL in there it will feel kind of slippery.

Are WIOs just wool AIOs?
Not really. The diaper part of the WIO (the part that holds the pee) snaps into the wool because the wool needs to be washed differently then the diaper material.

Do some AIOs lose their pee-proofness after a while?
Yes. Print outer AIOs do.

If so, can they somehow be re-peeproofed or must they now be used like fitteds, with separate covers?
You can buy waterproofing spray but I can't remember what its called.

I think I need a CD tutor to come to my house and walk me through everything, step by step!
That would be so fun and I'd LOVE to if I lived near you.
Let us be your virtual CD tutors.
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