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really loud screaming

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Cole just recently started experimenting with screaming.
: He shrieks at the top of his lungs, at ear-piercing levels, for all kinds of reasons - happy, sad, mad, bored, whatever. It is SO annoying - we had to leave a restaurant halfway through our meals the other night because of it. I try to convey to him that I don't like it, through disapproving expressions and a stern tone of voice, etc. but it doesn't seem to affect him. Now I am just trying to ignore it but I'm telling you, he is giving me headaches. This is just a phase, right? I have had no luck in discouraging this behavior, which is understandable because he's only 1 yr. old. But it's making going places with him a little difficult because we never know when he's going to decide that it would be fun to shatter everyone's eardrums for 10 minutes.
: I don't see what I can do about it, though.
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Boy, have we been there. Something that we have been trying is imitation. So when he yells, you yell back (not meanly, just imitating his volume). Then try whispering. Hopefully Cole will follow your lead.
After we had played this game in places where yelling is not so bad, (home, the playground) we started just whispering when he yells. Most of the time, he takes the cue and at leats modulates his voice. Babies seem to think that whispering is funny, anyways. Just an idea, let me know if it works for you.
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I second the whispering. I also selectively ignore the loud hollaring and whisper when ignoring seems appropriate. The whisper game took a little while and doesn't always work, but now DD will come right up to where I'm standing and look up and in this sweet whisper voice say "mama" rather than hollar from across the room. it's worth a try. good luck, violet
Emily used to do this as well but it kind of stopped but just this week she is starting it again, like if I ask her to come and she doesn't want to she screams.
I just ignore it but that doesn't always work. Goodluck to you though!
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We've been dealing with this for about a year and try lots of things from ignoring to explaining to whispering, etc. It's been getting better, but it's still hard. She doesn't scream in the car anymore, which is good, b/c I think I was blacking out and missing turns, etc. Scarry!

A thing we are trying is consequences. Espec if it happens in a public place:

e.g. At teh market: "We will leave and go outside until you can get yourself together and talk in your inside voice, then we will come back."

You can't just leave, b/c then they think screaming will let them control the situation, so you focus instead on them controlling themselves and getting them to understand they WILL go back to the market, restaurant, etc.

But you need to be prepared for your meal to get cold, or shopping to take longer, etc.

Conversely, you also need to know when the babe will and won't be able to handle a dinner out or a trip to the market. Dinners out may have to be put on hold awhile, KWIM? I try to pay extra attention to how tired she is, etc, before we run any errands etc.

1 yrs old seems kind of early maybe for the suggestion I am making. Our DD is 2 now and she's just getting it. Doens't always work, either. But it was reco'd to us from a child educator and we're trying it mostly b/c we've been at a loss.
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