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Really, really, really, really tired all the time

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I think this might be normal, but does anyone have any helpful ways to alleviate it? I wake up and I'm tired. I take a nap and I'm tired... I'm also at 8.5 weeks. Does it get better?
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It does get better. Evaluate your supplements, maybe you aren't absorbing something optimally. For me what worked was Floradix, a foods-derived iron and B vitamin liquid supplement.
It will get alot better once you get toward the 2nd trimester. If not, I agree with PP - evaluate your supplements. But being super tired is totally normal in the 1st trimester, even if you don't have problems with anemia or anything.
It does get better!
I felt awfully tired from week 7 to week 8. Just walking from room to room would make my heart beating like crazy jumping out of my chest (I'm not overweight and usually am pretty energetic). It was so miserable; I had to lye down right on the floor so many times to have some rest just from walking a few steps! I also had the worst nausea that week, so I was feeling so extremely bad!
But after week 8 it began to ease up a bit and now it's much better (both energy level and nausea; I'm at week 10).

I hope you feel much better very soon and have the rest of your pregnancy nice and uneventful!

with my second, i was just that way. sleeping 12 hours at night, needing a nap, and being so tired in between all I did was lay on the couch dozing in and out while my toddler wtahced TV.

It lasted maybe a month and then I was fine. it wasn't as severe in my 1st or 3rd pregnancies.

remember your body is producing LOTS of new blood now- you feel tired as if you had lost that much as your body is working to produce more.
Sorry, but with this pregnancy I was tired and I am tired and I don't think it gets any better.

BTW, doc says I am okay...
The Floradix really helped me with the tiredness, and is now in my 14th week too. I have to take it almost continually. I am Queen of Perpetual Anemia.
sleep a lot and try to get some exercise even though it seems counterintuitive. Most likely you'll feel better when you hit the second trimester...and enjoy it because now that I have a todder and am pg I'm just tired no matter what and 18 weeks!
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