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Really sensitive nipples?

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My dd is 22 months old and nurses appx 5-8 times a day on average. I have never felt any pain or discomfort from it. In the past few days my nipples are so sore and sensitive I can barely stand it. It's not really when she's nursing, more when they toch anything, including my bra. I can't believe how painful it is! Has anyone had this happen? What do you think it could be?
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Could you be pregnant? At LLL they have said that this could happen. GL
Well, I have been trying to conceive for appx. 15 months, but I just ovulated a couple of days ago, so I don't know if that syptom would show up this early. I am guessing it is hormones, but why now?
Mine get really really sore around the time before AF comes. I almost feel like I can't stand to I would guess either pregnancy, or just pre AF hormones.
could be either.
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For me, the very first sign of pregnancy is highly sensitive and sore nipples.
Let's hope it is pregnancy then
I doubt it though...I am a week out from ovulation and don't feel pregnant, and with Zoe I felt pregnant almost as soon as I ovulated...probably just pre-af hormones...
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