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Really strange cycles - need help please!

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I've been tracking my cycles for three months and taking Vitex 2-3X/day. My latest cycle was really strange and I wanted to get someone else's view on it.

Today is 30 March

Period (light) - 3-6 January
BD (with egg white CM) - 29 January
Period (normal) - 15-22 February
BD (with egg white CM) - 5 March
Very light spotting - 28 March

I tested on 26 March - negative. I haven't retested and I haven't had any more spotting. Is it possible that the spotting was implantation bleeding? Seems like a long time after O to be implanting. I have never had breakthrough spotting before, even when I was on the pill. The only PMS/pregnancy symptoms I've had is some nipple tenderness and bloating.

I have no idea what's going on. Can anyone shed some light on this situation for me?
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I don't have any answers, but I wanted to wish you luck either way. Hopefully you'll get some more info soon!
Well, cycles can do things that are totally nuts when you are nursing. (Speaking from experience here and my periods while nursing were sometimes much lighter than normal) However, I'd take a pregnancy test- some women have a very light period the first month of pregnancy.

Keep us posted.
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