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REALLY stupid questions!

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Thank you so much for the wonderful welcomes! I am sooo excited to do this! I'm thinking of doing the fitted diapers with the covers but am also open to the prefolds (which a lot of you mentioned!). BUT, how do you put on the prefolds and then do you pin them, need a liner, or do they just 'stay put' in the diaper cover? What do you all think of dappi diaper covers? or what are your favorites? Thanks again!
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I'll jump in on this one!

We didn't start with cloth until Claire was 17 months old. We LOVE the ubcpfs (unbleached chinese prefolds) and a cover from Diaperaps I just fold the ubcpf in thirds (not long ways, the end result makes it short and wide, not long and skinny) and lay it in a wrap. I don't know how well that would work for a baby that doesn't have solid bm's?

Anyway, I hope that helped a tiny bit! I have no experience with pins, snappis or anything of that nature, but lots of folks do swear by the snappi
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I would suggest getting several different covers to try out. Some of the WAHM's sell packages with prefolds, covers and a snappi. I"m sure someone else can provide links b/c I can't remember off the top of my head who they are :LOL
Hi, Jaci.

Never think you're asking stupid questions (learned this from Trish).

I found this site to be sooooo helpful for learning how to fold a pf and put it on baby. I had some diagrams I printed out and thought I was doing alright. Then I saw this site and realized I'd been putting the ubcpf on my baby wrongside up! The angel wings were under her back and I would try to figure out how to get her bum between the folds. ::sigh::

She has photos!

I was pinning my ubcpf's and then I tried the Snappi. I
using the Snappi. It makes it very easy to get a snug fit.

I have Bummis covers for my prefolds. I like the snap side ones okay. I haven't tried the pull up ones yet. I will probably use them today and have a feeling I'll like them. I don't care for my Prowrap, but I think that's because it's too small. I like my MotherEase cover. I haven't tried any of my wool covers or Stacinators yet. I'm looking forward to using them, though.

If you're using just a side snap or pull up cover, you need to pin or Snappi the pf. I don't have any covers into which you lay a cpf so I can't help there...

You can use a paper liner in the pf or a soaker or another type of fabric liner...Is that what you mean? It lays in the diaper between your baby's skin and the pf.

Hope I helped a little bit...
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Welcome Jaci!!

I actually use fitteds and covers, cpf's and wraps, and pocket diapers.
I love my fitteds and wool covers, but they are the bulkiest I find out of all three. My faves are - bikini cut cuddlebuns, SOS, Tootsweet, and Sugarpeas.
Covers - Fuz easy, Sugar Peas, wooly bully (Elbee Baby).

I use cpf's in Bummis wraps and Nikki wraps. The nikki's are a better fit and they come in poly and wool but they are pricier. You can find them at babybunz The Bummis work well and are definately more economical. Most retail WaHM's carry them. you can see them at punkinbutt
I just trifold the cpf's and lay them in.
When dd was younger I used to snappi the cpf's but she won't stay still long enough now.

Then there is the pocket diaper. They are very absorbent with josy bunz inserts and are easy to put on. Good for baby sitters, daddies, and outings. Also a good nightime diaper. DD usually can wear one all night without leaking.
Punkinbutt sells both Fuzzibunz and Happy Heinys.

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Hi, I've been using UBCPF with my son for 4 months. I started with the Gerber prefolds and Dappi covers that I found at Babies R us. The Dappi's are OK but I am not fond of them for several reasons:
1) They are bulky.
2) The rise is too low.
3) They have wicking problem. If you don't change super frequently, baby's clothes will get wet.
4) They run small. So you really need the next size up when buying.

Now I'm using bumkins cover and love them. No any of the above mentioned problems that Dappi has.

About prefolds, I'm OK with the Gerber prefolds because my son is not heavy wetter. But I did buy 2 dz UBCPF later and love them absolutely. They absorb more.

Highly suggest that you buy snappi (I have two) to use with the prefolds. It makes the diaper so much more slim. Besides, it helps a lot to hold the newborn BM. No leaking for me at all.
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using prefolds!

I use a snappi with mine and they stay put. You can just lay them in a wrap, but I found that we would have more leaks that way. Snappis hold it all in.

Good luck!
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Welcome to the boards!!!
I want to second the recommendation to look at the following website:
I read through it way too many times when I was trying to figure out what to buy, and it was really helpful.
My baby is 3 months old and has been exclusively CDed since we brought him home from the hospital. We use mostly UCPFs with a few fitteds. I prefer to snappi the UCPFs and then use Bummis whisper pants over those. The whisper pants are nylon pull on covers (some other moms like the Bummis SIWW, which is different). I like them because I think the nylon keeps ds cooler, they fit over all types of dipes, and they're good at preventing leaks. Also, they're only $5/each.
For nighttime, my favorite cover is the Bumpy wool cover. It's around $19, but you can get by with only one because you don't have to wash it as often.
You can use a liner with UCPFs, but you don't have to. It depends on your tolerance of poo. The fleece liners make it easier to spray off the poo, but I ended up only using them at night to keep DS dry while he sleeps. I change him so often in the day, I figured it didn't matter if I used them.
My favorite site for ordering UCPFs and covers is Colleen has excellent customer service, good prices, and fast shipping. You can also order UCPF samples before deciding which ones to order.
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