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We're busy and busy planning

My kids want to learn about Canada so we're planning that as an overall theme. I'm struggling with how to organize topics but I think I'll start with geography for the first month or so and then history with culture/arts/music feeding off either geography or history as appropriate. I've sent for tourism brochures from each province to get us started.

We're meeting tomorrow to plan our co-op which is taking a slightly different form next year so we'll see what comes from that. I'm hoping for an around the world theme which I think would be lots of fun.

My middle two are wanting to learn to read. My daughter wants a 'program' which I think means a workbook, sit and do stuff with mum type situation. We play lots of games, have computer games and learn to read type videos but she wants something schoolish. I'm trying to find a program that isn't silly but isn't so dull that it will make my eyes fall out. I also don't want to spend much $ so I don't feel bad when it gets abandonned. I'm happy to take suggestions

Let's see - also on our list to learn about:
~ native people and pioneers were high on our list - so that's one of the reasons we are wanting to do Canada
~ pets of all types (planning lots of field trips for this one - pet store, vet, Humane Society and friends w odd pets)
~ bugs ( a local nature based garden centre has a bug university and we are planning on visiting our local Butterfly Conservatory during Monarch Migration so that will fit the bill for that one)
~ Latin - hoping Minimus and Rummy Roots will work here
~ the sun - planning a solar day as soon as we get the right weather for it. The kids want to make solar ovens, sun prints, sun dials etc.
~ geology. We've had some fun with this so far this summer. We're off to a Rock Jemboree this weekend which includes a fossily hunt, panning for gold and a tour of a sodalite mine among other things. Also planned is a trip to the local mineral and geology museum and another homeschool rock show and share day. My rock guy is about to go out of his skin he's so excited.

I want to get some more art experiences into our year next year - maybe lessons. And we have the usual homeschool stuff starting up in Sept/Oct.

It will be busy - lol.
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