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We are scheduling the science center every other week. My boys are very much into science right now so we are going to try to start a science coop with our local hs group.

We are also going to start lapbooking. Drake is utterly obsessed with the show Good Eats (anything involving Alton Brown, actually - good thing DS is only 7 or AB might have a stalker
) so we are going to do some Good Eats style lapbooks. He has chosen a few foods that AB hasn't covered yet (or at least we haven't seen yet!). Which means I will probably be eating pancackes all next week! LOL

We use Math U See for math. That is one of the only curriculums that we use. The kids enjoy it so we keep with it.

I am going to introduce a history timeline and see how that goes. If that doesn't go over I will probably switch to a History of Science timeline. I am sure that will go over well if the other doesn't.

We are also going to start a newspaper and publish it each month. We will send it to all the familiy members. The boys will be writing and editing most of the srticles and hopefully be the end of the year Drake will be laying it out on the computer. He is already familiar with myGD software and uses it for artwork. Drake is quite the camera nut so I am sure he will take all the pix for the newspaper.
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