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Well, we're hosting a German exchange student for the year, so we'll be learning about Germany...German foods, the German language, German sports (she plays soccer), etc.

I think my son is at a good age to learn about how Christmas is celebrated all over the world! So we'll start that later in the year.

We're going to do a bit of a family tree. We'll be visiting family in CT for Christmas, so maybe we can hear some old family stories.

Definitely going to learn about nutrition and staying healthy! We need to re-vamp our diets (incorporating more vegetarian/vegan/organic/raw foods into our diet), and all of us can learn together.

We'll renew our membership for the science museums around here in the next few weeks, and I"m sure we'll be visiting those quite frequently, so we'll see what interests us there.

I don't know what else yet! We'll go with the flow and see what we come up with.
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