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Originally Posted by UUMom
We are going on a few visits to Salem MA and read Witch of Blackbird Pond , among others, and study a little US history this fall. We're going to wait until the air is crisp to head to Salem.
We did Salem a couple falls ago but didn't make it down until after Halloween so there wasn't much to see
We did get to the House of Seven Gables and the Witch Museum though. I'd like to go back this fall and see a mock trial. I recently saw this book at the library and though it would be a good read when we cover the trails again.

We enjoyed Plymouth too. I'd like to see Sturbridge Village sometime but that's a big trip for us. We'll probably get to Strawberry Banke this year (well, we go every year for Halloween but I'd like to go with it's open LOL!) since we'll be getting back into the early American history at some point. we are still knee deep in Medieval Europe right now and still have Mesoamerica to cover!

I'd like to cover more art history this year, so a a trip (or two or three) to some art museums hopefully.
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