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Reassurance while waiting for fetoscope?

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Hi all,

I'm at 12 weeks. I'm trying to avoid the doppler/ultrasound and am holding out for the fetoscope to hear the heart beat.

My question is, for those of us in this pre-fetoscope phase, what are the sources of reassurance that all is well?

I gather the fundus is supposed to be just edging beyond the pelvic bone at this time?--mine is unconvincing as yet. I'm still a bit queasy and very tired, and today I'm even a bit crampy.

I gather that continued pregnancy symptoms are a good sign that you're still pregnant, but do these symptoms ever persist after a pregnancy is lost? And what about an ectopic pregnancy or blighted ovum, are these situations associated with the classic pregnancy symptoms?

I imagine there are no hard and fast answers, but I was wondering if there were some parameters that could guide me in keeping my cool during the wait for the heart beat.

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I "waited" for the fetoscope. In fact, I'm still waiting (at 28 or 29 weeks -- I've lost track).

I started feeling movement early on in the second trimester, which relieved any doubts that I'd had. I may never ask to hear the heartbeat.

So reassurance might come in a few short weeks, before the fetoscope can do it's thing.
for me it was the nausea, exhaustion and sore breasts. if those things were there, i was definitely pregnant. if they weren't, i would miscarry.

after 2 m/cs though, i did use a doppler at 11 weeks to confirm the pregnancy. i'm not proud of that, but the peace of mind it brought was tremendous and that must have been good on some level for the baby.

good luck!

I agree with Dodo, it could be another six to ten weeks before you can hear with the fetoscope. Many people cannot feel their uterus - especially with first-time mamas. I know many midwives that even have a hard time feeling their uterus!

I'd say rely on your instincts. There is alot of fear out there about our bodies, know your body best.
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I was right there with you! I started to freak out too.
The graduating resident had never used a fetoscope.
: And probably didn't have enough confidence b/c the mw found it in the same place as she was thinking she didn't hear it. It was at the end of class (practice classes) and they gave the fetoscope to dh; but, he couldn't hear, so we'll try next time so we both can. I'm 23 weeks. I was feeling movement so I was reassured and when I went for my appts and my uterus was felt and all was growing well,then I was reassured. (you can't grow if you're dead was my rationale :LOL) Most of all, I had my faith. My Pastor prayed for my baby and annointed my head with oil. (I had m/ced and was scared to even tell anyone I was pg, including dh!) Another Minister prayed for me again; the Holy Spirit told her that I was starting to become fearful and I just had to believe that He was going to protect this baby. I had to reach back for that moment and that reassurance during this time. Then, the baby started moving around. So, I wanted to hear but it wasn't as big a deal b/c the baby had started moving. I *didn't* get to, only the mw and resident; but, just to know that my baby's heart is beating inside of me is just awesome. Its an amazing opportunity that God has given us women to carry children.
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I was in the same boat as you about not wanting to use the doppler and fretting over what could be good signs and what could be bad. I was quite sick for the first 4 months, so I took that as reassurance but once I was feeling better I thought ok now what is it still okay?

Here's what my midwife said: even if we use the doppler and we get a heartbeat for a few seconds then you leave and go out into the world is everything still okay? Basically she was saying to trust in your body and your baby. If you are doing what you can to stay healthy and feel good then you have to trust the baby is doing well.

You have to find what gives you strength within you cause it's a long way till that fetoscope will hear anything. I too felt movement a lot sooner. We still haven't heard the heartbeat through the fetoscope, but I know this is a strong and healthy baby. Why? I just believe it. It helps that my dh believes it too. So many people said to me if there were something wrong you would know. I think mother's intuition starts at the beginning, so try to trust in that.

Try to enjoy this time and not worry about all that could be cause the one thing you know is that you are growing a baby and you are doing what you can to make it healthy and strong. Beyond beyond your control.

Best wishes
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