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Rebel yeast infection on breasts: what else to try?

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Hi all!

I've had what I believe is a yeast infection on my breasts for a few months now and CAN'T get rid of it...

I've discussed it with LLL leaders over the phone and my symptoms seem to indicate a yeast infection (red flaky, itchy, painful nipples, pain during nursing). I tried Gentiane violet twice a day for two weeks and it got a tiny bit better (I am no longer in constant HORRIBLE pain).

Now all I can think of is to see a doctor suggested by the LLL leader although I am hesitant...

I don't really want to try any strong medication, especially since there is no guarantee that it will work better than the Gentiane violet.

Diluted apple cider vinegar also helps a bit.

Oh and I am treating my daughter at the same time, so that's covered.

One last thing is that I still leak A LOT of milk most days (I went out once last week without breast pads for the first time in months and my milk leaked and spurted within seconds on the Dollar store cashier!). I am afraid the breast pads (washable) are not helping with my infection, but I don't know what else to do...

I really LOVE nursing, even now, but this is just very painful!

All ideas welcome!

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I just went to a talk on this the other night!

Calendula cream or gel is supposed to help. So is myrrh, but you can't use it straight. Motherlove Diaper Rash cream has both along with other ingredients that are good for sore thrushy nipples. The diaper one, NOT the sore nipple cream.

Apparently yeast are pretty hardy, I'd take a good probiotic and also boil or bleach your breast pads and whatever else comes in contact with the breasts--you may just be passing it back to yourself with the breast pads!
Thanks Kavita!

Do you know where one would find a calendula cream? And the Motherlove cream? (I live in Canada...)

Also, thanks for the advice on probiotics and boiling the breast pads. I'll try that (or maybe even use *gasp* disposable pads for a week or so...).
I know to help you in the future they say to eat lots of yogurt and it will prevent yeast infections. I know you can get a yeast infection easily.
Dr Jack Newman's Triple Nipple Cream is a miracle cure! It needs to be ordered by your MD and compounded at a pharmacy. Also, read LLL guidlines for dealing with yeast. Sometimes the cause is hidden. PM for the ingredients of the nipple cream. It really works! Within hours!
Many strains of yeast are resistant to GV these days
Are you on any type of asthma medication (corticosteroids) or have recently taken antibiotics? Are you craving sugar? Do you eat a good amount of dairy? Grapefruit seed extract is one tact to take...let me see if I can find some links for you
Yogurt alone is really not enough beneficial flora to make much of a difference with breast thrush, plus, the dairy thing...I'll check back in a min...
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and here is a link to a Mothering Magazine article that I love and got so much useful info from (we suffered for over a year and a half

Good News
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I've had it on my right breast (my right side belongs to my almost 4mo and my left side belongs to my 2yo, that's why it's only on one side
)for a couple months now. I managed to keep it out of my ducts, but just can not get it out of ds2s mouth. I tried nystatin (for one month), and GSE along with probiotics for a couple weeks.

Anyway, the thing that's finally kicked it down (almost gone) is taking GSE orally. I take two tablets a day. No more itchies! My darn nipple was itchy for almost two months! HTH
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When I had a systemic yeast infection in my breast ducts, (causing excrutiating piercing pain well after the nursing session ended) I talked to LCs and got them to help me get a doctor to prescribe a 21 day dosage of Diflucan (I think 200mg/day, 400 mg for first dose). The docs didn't believe in systemic yeast in the breast, nor such an "aggressive" treatment. They though Nystatin was just about the only thing to prescribe! I treated my son w/ GV since they would not treat him as well. He didn't have a yeasty diaper rash or spots in his mouth, but was very very gassy from the yeast imbalance. Only then did it go away and I was able to nurse pain free after a couple of months of this pain. Probiotics can help once a good treatment to kill of the yeast has been started. I believe that the reason that Diflucan takes longer is b/c it stops yeast from reproducing, as opposed to just killing it off.

I don't remember, but the info may be on Jack Newman's website.

Good luck.
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