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Mamas, I need some advice and opinions. I am shopping for a new car seat for my daughter. We currently use the roundabout for her but we are going to need something new because it is over 5 years old and the shoulder straps never fit her well. And, we have the money now so I'd rather upgrade now rather than later, when we might not have the $$. I was looking at the Britax Boulevard because it has the side impact protection, which I think is important since she is on the side in a small car (corolla). But, then I started reading about the Recaro Sport Youth and that also looks great. And, there is the Britax Regent, which my 5 yo son is in but that seems too big for her right now. I like that the Recaro goes to 80 lbs. but doesn't seem too roomy like the Regent does.

My dd is almost 2 and about 25 lbs. Any thoughts on the differences between these? One thing I don't like about the Boulevard is that the crotch strap doesn't adjust but I can't find that info. about the Recaro.

Any experience, opionions, advice before I shell out this HUGE chunk of cash?

Thanks mamas.
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