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Hi everyone,<br><br>
My daughter stopped bf just a few weeks ago. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and the milk dried up early on. I had sore nipples while she was still nursing (and I was pregnant), but now that she's not, I'm finding that my nipples are really sensitive and anything brushing up against them hurts. It's not awful pain, but enough so that I'm really careful when I'm drying off after a shower and sometimes get uncomfortable at the end of the day in my bra. I wondered if part of the problem is that I'm now wearing a bra, and I wasn't while I was nursing. Anyone else experience this sort of thing?<br><br>
I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to soothe my poor nipples. I thought about trying some lansinoh, but always found it so sticky. What else could I try?<br>
Thanks for any help!<br>
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