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rechargeable batteries-do you save money?

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We devour AA batteries around our home. I'm constantly buying them for my digital camera. Are those battery rechargers worth the investment and do you have to buy a specific type of battery for the recharger? Is their a savings in the long run?
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Yes, you will save gobs of money! I don't have exact numbers, but consider that each charge costs 5 cents or less (depending on your electric rate) whereas new batteries cost much more. Recharging is also better for the environment because batteries contain hazardous chemicals that should not be in landfills or incinerators.

You'll probably have more luck with this thread in the Healthy Home & Body forum.
With all the electronic toys and gadgets that my kids have, we have saved tons and tons of $$ on batteries. They are so worth it!!
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Check the instructions to make sure you can put rechargeable batteries in the item before you do it. Some of my stuff says don't use them, other stuff is fine.

I paid $20 for rechargeable batteries with a charger for my digital camera and it has saved us so much money, and it lasts longer than standard batteries! I put 4 AAs in my digi and they were dead within 5 days, if I use the rechargeable ones they last at least 2 months and sometimes longer and then I plug them in overnight and they are good to go in the morning again. I have saved a ton since I have had my camera over a year now so you can imagine replacing batteries once a week vs once every few months and then just recharging.
Hey, mamas-
Thanks for the responses. I actually meant to post this under frugal mamas and somehow it ended up here. Good info. Thanks.
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