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Recipe needed for italian sausage

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I have some italian sausage I need to use for dinner tonight. I so do not want spaghetti again. Any ideas what I can make with this?
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Ever try sausage and peppers? They're not spicy but sweet and tangy and absolutely delicious. Start the peppers about 45 min before cooking the sausage. Here's our old family recipe. Heat a couple of tbsp of olive oil in a large pan. Add 1/2 cup chopped white or yellow onion. Cook until softened and add approx. 20 oz jar or can of roasted red peppers. Crank the heat up for about 5 min and let them get real soft. Then add 28 oz. can of whole peeled tomatoes (break them up with your fingers first) and turn the heat down to med. low. While simmering break it all up with your wooden spoon. Let the whole thing simmer down until there is hardly any liquid and everything is very soft. Here's the secret part...while simmering add a tbsp or two of sugar! This for some reason really brings it all together and aids the texture. I do this to taste, sweet and tangy is the way we like it. When they are about ready 30-45 min cook the sausage. We cook ours in a cast iron skillet with small amount of oil partially covered for like 20 min depending on their size. We like to eat them in Italian hoagie rolls from our local Italian market. But you could definatley eat with out the bread too. My very large extended family has been eating sausage this way forever! We even make this when we go camping and whenever we make it for friends they love it! Good luck!
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sausage,peppers,onions,potatoes,cut up in same size chunks, a little oil salt pepper , roast in the oven,yummy!
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