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Recipes for wipes solution?

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I have cloth wipes, and instead of wetting one in the sink each time (I'm lazy) I'd like to make up a little cloth wipes solution.

Anyone got good recipes? I'd like one that uses tea tree oil, which I've never used before but plan to pick up over the next few days at the store.

What other essential oils should I include, and what do they do?

Also, when you make cloth wipes solution and keep it in a spray bottle, is it OK indefinitely or do you need to throw it away after a certain amount of time?
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Try doing a search, there are some great recipes floating around the board!
Personally, my recipe is: 1 T Burts Bees apricot oil and 1 T baby wash plus enough water to fill up a 24 oz water bottle. I used to put a few drops of TTO in too, but it covered up the apricot oil smell so I stopped. I use the solution pretty freely- it's used up in a week, and it seems to keep well enough for that long. HTH!
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I just use tap water, baby soap(johnsons) and tto.
I do this in the bathroom sink with as many wipes I can fit in my warmer.
some people put lavender eo in for the smell.
Some distilled water, a squirt of baby wash, tbsp of Burt's Bee's apricot oil and maybe a little TTO or GSE to keep the funk away. That's the one I used to make.
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Posted this before, but here is the receipe we have been using since DD was born:

2 cups distilled water
3 TB olive oil
2 drops Tea Tree Oil
1 Drop Grapefruit Seed Extract
Squirt of Aloe
Squirt of Dr. Bronners

Probally could leave out the Bronners but I like the lavender smell (could just use an extract).

We mix up this in a large rubbermaid bottle and store it in the fridge. We use this to fill a condiment squirter for daily use to wet the wipes.
This web site was passed to me by a mama on this board and it has a few to look at...

I am planning on distilled water, candula oil, baby wash, TTO and Lavendar oil. I used to used Burt's Bees Apricot, baby wash, and water but I want something that has a little more punch to it.
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