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Recommend a basal thermom. please

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Where can I get one?
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I think you can get them at any major store (Target, Walmart, etc) or any pharmacy (Walgreens, Eckerd, etc.). I bought mine at was the only basal body therm they had. It works good, is digital...but it does beep when it is done. Some women say dh complains when it beeps, but I tend to wake up and temp as Dh is getting out of bed to get ready for work, so it has not been a problem for me. Good luck!
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I must really live in the boondocks because Wal-Mart, the grocery store pharmacy, and the local pharmacy looked at me wondering what in the world a basal therm was. Good thing I am in Dallas for a bit.
For an idea of the brands, I went to (google's site to find good deals) and put in "basal thermometer", and it yields not only sites to buy them from, but images of the brands, so you can see what you're looking for.

Good luck, I'm in the market for one of 'em, too, but I'm pretty sure my Target *did* have them.....

I think the difference between them and other thermometers, by the way, is that they go to hundredths, rather than just tenths? Or something like that. So instead of 98.6, it would be 98.65...I *think* that's the difference....
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BD Basal Thermometer!

Are you looking where the contraceptions are located? At our stores, they are located where the condoms and HPT's are.
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I got this one from Baby and really like it. The beep is soft, so it doesn't wake up my baby or my husband.
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I use this one

I quite like it, it remembers your last temp and is pretty quick.
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