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My first two nursing bras (which I recommend highly) are the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra, in two different colors. During pregnancy, my ribs expanded by 4" and my breasts by 3 cup sizes. (Yes, it hurt.)<br><br>
Now, nearly 8 months postpartum, my breasts and ribs have shrunk back down to almost a pre-pregnancy size, but I am still nursing, and not planning on stopping anytime soon.<br><br>
I want a bra that looks small and feminine. It should look like a cute bra but behave like a nursing bra. Lace and some flowers are great. The "uniboob" and granny-style bras are bad.<br><br>
Ideally, the price should be around $20 or less.<br><br>
Recommend me a nursing bra!
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