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Recommendations for a good AIO??

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No poly fleece please
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Precious Coverings
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LHC- you can get velour inners. Even organic when she has it.

Ok I picked up that one at Precious Coverings. Emailed LHC and off to check out the other one.

Thanks ladies!
I just want to ditto how wonderful LHC is!!! I love her diapers and she's great to work with!

Mudpies will soon have OV, I believe. In the last order I sent in, she said she didn't have OV... yet. so, maybe it's coming??
I love Lucy's Hope Chest as well! Plus... ooo, it's a fun shopping experience. Also, Very Baby AIO's that have a nice maybe OV inner or OC...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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