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Recommendations for babywearing?(short mama)

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Hi all. We're expecting our new babe in early December. I never wore my twins, but am really excited to do so with this baby. I'm looking for some suggestions. I'd like some ideas for the what to use to wear our new baby in the home (and something that I can breastfeed baby in). I'm only 5 ft 2 inches, and I have a pretty short torso too! Is there something that might be a better fit for the shorter mama? Is there a progression with slings/wraps- like first start with this and then move on to that...?
Also, I've been sewing for ages now and would be happy to make my own if anyone can recommend patterns, etc.
Sorry for all the questions, just want to be prepared
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Hi mama!
I'm also a shortie with a short torso and these worked great for me!
I found that a Mamma's Milk pouch is great for nursing a NB babe. Jude at Mamma's Milk re-structured the pouches after a baby for easier NIP.
I also liked a stretchy wrap for NB use especially around home. Found a LOVE for the Kangaroo Korner Fleece pouch, great for cooler weather!
And, when baby gets older I highly recommend a BabyHawk Mei Tai.

Generally pouches/slings/one shouldered carriers are better for younger/lighter babies as they put less strain on your back, but when baby gets bigger/heavier then two shouldered carriers are best. Like a Mei Tai/baby backpack/ERGO etc.
Jan at Sleeping Baby Productions has LOTS of tips for sewing your own baby carriers!

Welcome to the world of babywearing!

I'm 5'1".

Pouches were difficult for me, with the bottom always lower than it should be and they aren't very adjustable!

The Moby wrap was GREAT and I loved it for when he was really little.

Now that he's a bit older and it's much hotter, I bought a ring sling that is pretty nice and fits well - from zolowear.

I also have a Mei Tai which is great as well, but takes more effort than the sling so I only use it when I know wee one will be in it for awhile.

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I'm 5'3. I started with RS and used the sleepingbaby pattern--it's excellent! I have trouble with pouches and getting a good fit. I'd imagine you might as well since you said you have a short torso.

As far as BF'ing in a pouch, I've never had success, but I have in a RS. The adjustability of a RS makes it easy to reposition baby and then tighten again as needed.

One-shouldered carriers are awesome for small babies and great for quick carries with the baby is older (super poppable). MTs are terrific as baby gets heavier and/or you are wearing for a longer period of time. BHs are awesome, but I love my Kozy, too. Jan's site has instructions for MTs as well!
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I'm short (5'3") with a super-short torso (ribs 1 inch from my hip bones!) and I love my New Native pouch. Not sure why it works better for me than others. I really disliked the Maya Wrap. I keep meaning to try other pouches but I love this pouch so much I just haven't bothered!

Good luck!

Originally Posted by KatSG
I love my New Native pouch. Not sure why it works better for me than others.
I'm curious, what size did you get. I've heard NNs run big. And where is DCs' butt in relation to you? Just trying to figure out how it fits you.
I'm also a petite mama and my first love was my new native. I ended up w/the XS and it worked really well for us
. Also, love my Mom and Me PIP adjustable pouch. Now that she is older, we tend to use a MT and RS most of the time.

Good Luck~

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Thanks for the great advise everyone! I'm trying to get in touch with my local LLL and will ask around if anyone has some babywearing gear I can try on. I can't wait to wear this baby!
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