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Recommendations for couples therapist on the South Shore of MA?

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I need to get some recommendations for a good therapist who can work with couples. I am a little "gun shy" about blind calling any old therapist since back when my first was born, my husband went to a local therapist that almost convinced him that attachment parenting was "crazy", that his kids "loved their bottles [i.e. breastfeeding not necessary]" and that my husband should not only leave me but take the baby with him! So, where the therapist is coming from in their own life is pretty important. I would love to find someone who can work with us who understands AP and the hard work it takes to be a SAHM with a lazy husband, if you get my drift.

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I'm not sure if she's still in Quincy or what but I found Suzanne Donlin-Kelly to be very understanding of parenting matters when we were there ('05) At that time she was at Bayview Assoc. in Quincy which is part of We also had to bring ds with us for our sessions, which was not ideal, but she was accepting of this.
However, I can't seem to navigate the website to find providers... to see if she's even there. Feel free to pm me for more info on her/our experience.
I don't mind saying that she seemed very fair/neutral to me but also wasn't afraid to be a very strong supporter of parenting.... She started with talking to us about our goals/values and so she could bring issues back to the goals. Even though I felt like on a few occasions she REALLY spoke up for me, my dh could still feel she was being even-handed because she could point out that what we were discussing were related to the same values he had agreed to.

I also have seen a doctor in Pembroke (going through assessment for ADHD). I think he may also do couples therapy and he has seemed to take a similar approach and certainly hasn't batted an eye when I had to bring my dd unexcpectedly when my dh has backed out of caring for her... or even when she needed to nurse (she's 2+). However, I don't have the same type of counseling relationship with him since I've been going for ADHD assessment...
Anyways, I often can sympathize with 'lazy' husbands. ((Hugs))

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