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Recommendations for toddler diapers

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What are your favorites for the toddler sized diapers?

I have Kooshies Toddler sized and I just looked at the auction that I won them from and they say 22-45 lbs. Do Kooshies generally run small? It just doesn't look like they are going to fit to 45 lbs. They aren't getting tight on DS or anything, but I'm just thinking ahead for the future. (Not really, it's just b/c I
trying out new ones!). :LOL
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Well, I don't know anything about Kooshies, and my toddler (22 months old) is on the small side - around 27 lbs and 32" with small thighs, but the workhorse of his diaper supply are his FBs. That's what we keep in the diaper bag and what he wears when we're out and about. But I also love just a regular CPF (he's still fits the Premium size) snappi'd with a wool cover. We especially love our Fuzbomb, but also love our Stacinators too!
I also like fittteds on him - Sugarpeas work well, again with a wool cover.

I won't go into details on my very favorite diapers for my toddler, since they aren't being made anymore (Darling Diapers). I'm hoping that when the new owner takes over the diapers will be exactly the same, because I love love LOVE the fit and function of these!
My 2 1/2 old ds is a Happy Heinys guy - there's no way I could wrestle a cpf on him! The HHs are so easy to use, trim, and he loves the prints. Yesterday he wanted to wear his baby sister's butterfly print SOS, and that fit him great too, with a fuzeasy over it. He's about 29 lbs and skinny.
I bought a full set of MotherEase Onesize dipes, plus liners, when my dd was around 20 mos. old. She's an average wetter so these worked for us. When fully broken in (which takes forever) they will hold as much as a prefold. I got tired of wrestling with prefolds too!

The OS dipes have lasted and lasted and are now waiting for baby#2 since dd's using the potty now. When she graduated from dipes she was 37.5 inches tall and 28 pounds. So she's a skinny girl, but the OS dipes fit her fine to potty training just like they advertise. They may not fit for so long on a chunkier toddler.

Kushies do run small. And these never fit my toddlers right- the pee came out the legs no matter what I did.

I liked ME OS dipes, too, on my first when she was a baby and a toddler. She was probably 27 lbs when she PTed and they fit well. My son can pee through them (can pee through several types of diaper). I recently bought unbleached toddler cpfs and these have been working very well. The premium size worked until recently- he's too wide in the waist for them.
Hmmm, I like to try different things out. Here is what I have for 26 month old (how do they get so big?
) ds:

Sugarpeas size 2, side snaps and snap ins (the biggest part of my stash)
Manyducks AIO
Starbunz pocket AIO
Baby SoftWraps AIOs
ME Sandys
FMBG fitteds
Growing Greens
unknown WAHM fitted

I'm sure I missed something, I will come back and edit when I remember. I like everything I have
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Another vote for Happy Heinys. I could never get dd to sit still long enough for a prefold or even a fitted and cover at this point. Even snapping AIOs are tough sometimes. The Happy Heinys are a breeze, they are trim, she likes the prints, and they will let me use them at her daycare (yipee!!)They are great for day or night too since I can stuff whatever I want in them.
Before I came to MDC I really didn't know that WAHM diapers existed. WAHM seems to be the trend around here. Can you tell me what you like about WAHM diapers vs. a company like Kooshies (just using as an example)?

I did a search on WAHM on eBay and those diapers look like they're hard to beat. In fact, I'm re-thinking my current stash. Maybe those aren't the best (all I have are Kooshies and Didee Snugs)?

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Buying WAHM dipes gives us all an opportunity to buy products from a mom, like us, who is sewing products at home to make money so she can continue staying home with her kids. WAHM dipes are usually very well made and come with great customer service.
I love all of my WAHM dipes. I've only been CDing for about six weeks now and when I started with my 19 month old, I ordered a sample pack of commercial dipes because I didn't know any better but once I found MDC and learned about the WAHM dipes, that's all I use now. I love the idea of helping someone stay home with their babies and the diapers are more interesting than the commercial ones and I love the occasional chance to get a custom order and oh, the anticipation of FLUFFY MAIL..........

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