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Hi all, I'm almost 39 weeks with my first, and have a sense of what I should do after birth to heal myself (baths, right?), but would like your best suggestions of what I should buy and do to feel better post-baby. Thanks!

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1. Take a babymoon - stay in bed w/ your baby for 10 days and just nurse and sleep. You'll be glad you did.<br><br>
2. Buy bigger underwear. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> I was never comfortable in my prepregnancy/pregnancy underwear after I had my kids and needed a size bigger for a while. With my first, I actually had my husband go out and buy me some "granny panties" because my regular underwear was very uncomfortable on my c/s incision.<br><br>
3. If you tear, STAY OFF THE STAIRS!! The motion of going up and down stairs pulls the perineum apart and inhibits healing. Keep your knees together as much as possible for the first 10 days. Don't sit cross-legged!<br><br>
4. Buy lots of pads - you'll need them.<br><br>
5. Get a postpartum doula if you can afford it. They can be invaluable in many ways - letting you sleep, help with nursing, infant care info, etc.<br><br>
6. Ask guests to do something practical when they offer - a load of laundry, dishes, etc. Seriously, take advantage of people wanting to help. Ask guests to bring a meal if they ask what they can do to help.<br><br>
7. If you feel depressed, anxious or have intrusive thoughts, seek help. They won't take away your baby and they can help you feel better.<br><br>
8. See a LC if needed or go to a LLL meeting if you can. You will meet other nursing moms and get out of the house, which I know saved my sanity!<br><br>
9. Rutin supplements are supposed to help with hemmorhoids. Also, that first BM can be intimidating. Some HCPs recommend stool softeners to help. Also, if you feel like you're going to tear "down there" when you try to have a BM, using a couple squares of toilet paper to put pressure on the perineum while trying to go can mentally help you to relax enough to let go.<br><br>
10. I found that limiting guests severely for the first couple weeks was actually really helpful. I didn't want to feel like I had to clean up and entertain people, which I would have if they had been coming over. Some moms may feel better with lots of visitors though!<br><br>
If I think of other things, I will post. I just had my 2nd 5 weeks ago, so these are all fresh in my mind. Have a great birth!
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