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Recovery from foot surgery

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Any advice for my husband would be appreciated. Please comment whether it's from your knowledge of the same or very similar) surgery or surgery recuperation in general.

We expect my husband will be coming home in two days. He had a 1-hour surgery this afternoon to repair a broken bone in his right foot (5th metatarsal). He has a small plate with four screws. This will need to be removed later in a second surgery.

So far, we have been really displeased with the lack of information and many aspects of his care. Unfortunately, emergency medical situations leave one poorly-equipped with background and little time to research.

He received 2 rounds of pre-op IV antibiotics that we did not know he was being signed up for and is getting 3 more post-op. We are not exactly thrilled about that and question its necessity. (However the surgeon was so immediately hostile after some very basic questions that we do not want to pick a fight. . . We will most likely need to go back to this same doctor for the second surgery). Any thoughts on "recovering" from all the antibiotics?

He's been told that he will have to be in a cast for at least 6 weeks and then some sort of removable immobilizing device after that for an unspecified length of time. We are concerned about giving his foot the best chance to heal. He is young, active, and this is a weight-bearing bone. But he is also concerned about recovery from such a long period of inactivity and about promoting healing.

Any thoughts on non-weight bearing exercises that would be useful? Other suggestions relating to massage, diet, whatever? Specific BTDT points about misguided things you attempted that turned out to be harmful?

Thank you for your time in reading this post. I apologize for the vague and basic questions. I really dislike when people start threads because they were too lazy to do a basic Google or MDC search to see if anyone else has ever had a similar question. But I'm guilty as charged. I'm pretty much finished after 3 days in hospitals and all the upset about the care. The temporary upheaval this will bring to our lives is pretty exhausting, too. Any advice you could share about personal experiences with any of this would be really appreciated.
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I had bunion surgery last month. I didn't have a cast and was only on crutches for 2 weeks so it was a lot less of a deal than his. While I was on crutches, I was able to do some pilates (obviously no plank positions), which helped a lot. I also could do pushups (on my knees) and crunches and upper body weight lifting. I didn't feel like I lost much muscle tone, except in my left calf (I had the surgery on my left foot).

After his cast comes off, he'll probably be in boot. I was in one of those for about 2 weeks and found it pretty easy to get around in. It did hurt my hips if I walked a lot though.

The thing that has helped me the most once I could get my foot wet was swimming and water jogging. Is he a swimmer at all?

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The thing that has helped me the most once I could get my foot wet was swimming and water jogging. Is he a swimmer at all?
Hmmm. . . that's an excellent suggestion, thanks. Typically our "swimming" consists more of "stand in pool and corral kids" but I know he enjoyed swimming a lot as a youth. The physical constraints of this injury will prevent him from taking part in his preferred sports for quite some time. Swimming makes a lot of sense. We have only an outdoor pool in our community. So I guess this is one small lining in the cloud of having this happen in the spring.
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I don't have any advice just yet but I will be making a call to my pal tomorrow for some first hand info! She broke two of the bones in her foot back in late october. One in her big toe and one in her foot. She had to go to the emergency, had surgery, removed bone chips, reset bones, they placed a plate and screws, casted, braced, then removed the hardware. She is walking on it now with no brace, boot, or fancy shoe (although maybe she should, idk) and doesn't have much complaints. She did see a specialist a few times aside from the surgery so she probably has some good info. She had to pay everything out of pocket so she was pretty firm about getting her money's worth from everyone who treated her.
Hey, that sounds awesome! I really appreciate you going to the effort to collect information from your friend.

We got some good tips from a nurse at the ortho clinic yesterday. But we also got a call from the hospital later that DH now needs to be tested for MRSV as he was exposed during his hospital stay.
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