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Recs for OB?GYN in Raleigh/Cary, NC area?

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I'm TTC #1... I have some concerns about whether I'll be able to get pregnant (it's been since last October) and have not been very satisfied with my current OB/GYN- Dr. Lane over by Rex Hospital in Raleigh. I've only seen him a couple of times, but he doesn't seem at all concerned...I posted over on the TTC board about wanting to make sure my hormone levels are in balance in order to be able to become pregnant in the first place (no sense spending a whole year if my hormones are so out of range that I couldn't get pregnant even if timing BD right!)

His stance is, my periods are regular, everything's fine.

I would like to see an OB/GYN who can take my concerns seriously and is receptive about alternative medicine.. Knowing what "Vitex" is, for example, would be a good start.

Male, or female, no preference.

I'm also open to having a midwife...

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Would you be willing to go to a birth center? If so, I'd recommend the Womens Birth and Wellness Center in CH.
We're forming a Birth Network here in the Triangle, and are holding our first meeting on May 9 at the West Mill Wellness Center in Raleigh. Come and meet other like-minded moms and birth professionals, and maybe you'll get some good suggestions for care providers. I've personally worked with Dr. Lane (I'm a doula, and one client used him), and I'd be happy to talk to you more privately.

I hope you'll be able to join us:

You don't have to be pregnant yet to join us!

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I really like my ob/gyns - Women's Healthcare of Raleigh - Doctors are Dr. Inge and Dr. Holton.
Although I cannot speak to their practice regarding fertility/TTC, I also recommend the midwives at the Birthing Center in Chapel Hill for prenatal care and labor/delivery. Several very close friends of mine have delivered their babes there and all were absolutely delighted with their experiences. I was lucky enough to be invited by one friend to accompany her during her very loooooong labor at the Birthing Center (and eventual transfer to UNC hospital after 60 hours) and I was extremely impressed by all of the midwives and their practice at the Birthing Center and at the hospital. Also, the respect for the midwives at UNC was remarkable -- the UNC docs really let the midwives have total control over the birth even though it was at the hospital.

Unfortunately I was not able to use the Birthing Center for the birth of my son in 2002 because of a prior uterine surgery (very high risk pregnancy). For my gynecological surgery I used C. Frederick Heaton (Heaton, Fulgum & Williams). Dr. Heaton also does fertility work and, although I cannot speak to that aspect of his practice, I highly, highly, HIGHLY! recommend him as a doctor and human being. When I was diagnosed with fibroid tumors I consulted five different doctors as to potential treatment/surgery. There was no comparison. Dr. Heaton welcomed and never seemed annoyed or threatened by all of my many questions.

When I became pregnant six months after my surgery (with no fertility treatments -- what better testament to Dr. Heaton's skill as a surgeon?) I went comparison shopping for an OB because Dr. Heaton doesn't "get up in the middle of the night anymore to deliver babies" :^). After a brief and totally unsatisfactory experience at Duke (close to home), I asked Dr. Heaton to recommend someone. He referred me to Kamm, McKenzie, Harden, Smith, Bass et al., where he had been one of the original founders.

Kamm, McKenzie is a "traditional" practice, I guess you would say, but I found them very willing to discuss and accept my birth plans for an unmedicated vaginal delivery and a trial of labor. This might not sound like much to some people, but it was an incredible blessing to me given my prior surgery. In comparison, the OBs at Duke said that the only way to go would be scheduled cesarean at 36 weeks!

Unfortunately my plans for a "natural" childbirth were not to be. I developed severe pre-eclampsia (and later HELLP syndrome) and had to have an emergency cesarean at 30 weeks. My delivering doc was Dr. Brian Bass and suffice it to say, I credit him with the survival of my child and myself. My son is almost four years old and I still get a little misty with nostalgia during my annual exams with Dr. Bass.

Kamm McKenzie docs deliver at WakeMed, and I also need to put in a little plug for the Labor and Delivery and NICU nurses there as well. Incredible folks, just simply incredible. I often tell people that when I originally envisioned my birth I wanted to be surrounded by caring, knowledgable women that would help me make the transition into motherhood. Even though my birth was radically different than what I hoped for, my care and treatment by the nurses at WakeMed was just what I was hoping for. Last year for Mother's Day I wrote an email to all of my friends thanking all of the women I've known in my life that played a "mothering" role and believe you me, I didn't forget the nurses at WakeMed -- I can't look at my darling boy without thinking of them.

Sorry for the long post -- best of luck with your journey!
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I wish I'd been at WakeMed when you were! I had a HORRIBLE experience at WakeMed. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!! I had my first at Rex, my second at WakeMed and I actually switched ob/gyn's so I could have my 3rd at Rex. My ob/gyn's are 100% better than the woman I had before (I would have had my 3rd a long time ago if I'd had them). I had a super wonderful birthing experience with my 3rd. My new ob/gyn's are great and I loved Rex Hospital. I can't wait to have another baby!!!
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