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Recs need for adj pouch as gift!

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I'd like to give an adjustable pouch to an expectant friend of mine, but won't be seeing her anytime soon in person (and haven't seen her for a while, actually) so it has to be adjustable and easy to use since she knows nothing about babywearing!

So, please give me recommendations for a adjustable pouch that:

- comes in gender neutral colors/prints (nothing fancy)
- will fit someone around 5'6" and 130 -160 pounds, with a large bust.
- is easy to use and comes with INSTRUCTIONS since I won't be there to help...
- is not too, too expensive

Thanks in advance!
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Ok, since no one has answered so far...

Adjustable pouch makers:
Kangaroo Korner (fleece or cotton), adjusts with snaps.
Maya Wrap (guatamalan woven cotton), adjusts with zippers.
Cozy Baby (fleece), adjusts with zippers.
Mamma's Milk (cotton or silk), adjusts with aplix. (Want to disclose that this is my site.)

Here's a the pouch page from The Sling Directory too. Has many more on it.

Most have solid colors that are neutral, have sizes to fit someone around 5'6" and 130 -160 pounds, come with instructions, and are pretty competitively priced.

Hope that helps!
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I have the maya wrap pouch and the KK fleece pouch. I love them both but between those two I would go with the maya. Prob. a medium one. hth.
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Thanks - I've done alot of research, but haven't seen any of these in person, so that helps...did the zippers dig into your back on the maya at all?

Thanks, also, to mamma jude for the links - I didn't know about the cozybaby!
The zippers do not touch you. There are 2 layers of pouch between them and you. They are the big plastic industrial type. So if little ones touch it cannot hurt them. They pouch is one continous piece like most of the regular pouches. the zippers are on the outside. There are flaps to button down to cover them so little ones can't undo them. It is really a good design.

If she lives in a cooler climate the kkafp might be better. I use it in brisk fall and spring weather. I just wear a long sleeve shirt and put long sleeves and pants on the little one and away we go. It is also highly adjustable and I have no fear of it coming apart.

I mostly use my pouches for quick trips in and out of stores.
I'm going to second the rec for the mamma's milk adjustable pouch. It's definitly the nicest looking and easiest to use of any of the cotton adjustable pouches I've tried (and I've tried a lot!) Especially if this mom is more "mainstream". It's a sleek looking pouch with easy adjustment. I love mine
It's also the only adjustable pouch I can find with a padded rail. And it came with terrific directions.

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