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Recurring eye infections

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I think we're going to take the baby back to the pediatrician, but I thought I'd get some input here regardless.

Has anyone else's baby had recurring eye infections? Our little guy's eyes are both infected again.. this is the fifth time and he's only 4 months old. It is driving me nuts, and I feel so bad for him. They are so crusty and gooey and red.

We did have a problem with blocked tear ducts a lot when he was a newborn - I wonder if that affected his eyes somehow.
I am worried that his eyes are infected so frequently. We have tried breastmilk and it didn't help. Eye ointment didn't help either. Last time we went to the pediatrician they gave us drops and those helped, so I am using them again but am still worried that this will have some permanent bad effect on his eyes.

Anybody have any advice/experience/etc.?
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With recurrent goopy eyes, I would think about allergies. Food or environmental.

For some reason I am getting a vibe it could be wheat?

I remember one of mine had recurrent goopy eyes when older than yours. At the time I put it down to teething, as she was miserable from that, but now I wonder if I wasn't starting solids too fast. She had crackers, toast and cheerios.
Thomas had a blocked tear duct when he was born as weel, and our ped told us that it could keep recurring til he was about a year old. Could it be that he just still has a blocked duct? She gave us 5 refills on the eye drops and told us to massage the inner corner of his eye to help it clear up.
Did your son have the eyedrops as a newborn? I've read (on mdc, actually) that the drops can contribute to blocked ducts and infections. My friend's son had recurring eye infections. He was constantly on antibiotics. Finally, his ped used a tool to clear out the tear duct (took 2 seconds), and he never had another infection.
Ds had a blocked tear duct until about 7 months. We massaged the corner and used breastmilk, and one morning he woke up with it cleared and it stayed that way. He recently had an eye infection at age 3.5 that just lingered on, and my mom bought some colloidal silver, and it was totally cleared up in 3 or 4 applications. Colloidal silver is amazing stuff--it kills almost any kind of bacteria, even antrax, and some fungi, including candida, and it's very safe--you can get it at a natural food store, or online. Much better, imo, than going with antibiotics.
Yes, we've had reaccuring infections. Used the drops every time. Always stopped administering when the goop disappeared. Eventually the duct must be duct flowing clear and the infections stopped. Well so far- right now he is only 3 mos. old. I have wondered about the antibiotic effects on ds's eyes also. Probably minimal. But I will check out the collodial silver.
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