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Recycled wool soakers!

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I just made my first ones today... one is a regular soaker and the other is longies. I got these great merino wool sweaters from the Salvation Army store for 2/99 cents!! The longies are here:
which you can see I made from the sleeves of the sweater. Here is the regular soaker:
I could have done a better job finishing off the leg openings but I put some gussets in so hopefully this works ok. I lanolized them tonight so in a few days when they are dry I'll see how they work.

I got a second merino wool sweater that was lightweight like the brown one, but
I thought I would felt it and see how it came out. It's drying right now so I haven't cut it up yet. But, soon!!
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Looks great! Just keep in mind though, that merino sweaters love to shrink up small enough to fit Barbie. I like to use merino without felting (double layer though), as I've had some serious shrinkage with it in the past. Good job though. The longies are so cute, those always turn out great as they're easy to make!

p.s. we have icky well water too, so I'm with ya on that problem! blech
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