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Yesterday was the first time, ever, that we used up an entire bunch of celery. Yup, we bought it, and the whole thing went into our tummies!
: A great sign that I have been cooking! Lots of bean soups the past few days. There are several in a cholesterol cure book that we have that are absolutely delicious. Here's how yummy they are: DH (aka The Pickiest, Finickiest Eater in the World, I Swear) packed some up last night so he could take it to work today

DH had been teasing me about the potatoes and other produce I had him buy a few weekends ago, asked where to put them away and then mumbling about "oh, just so we can store them until they are rotten and it is time to throw them away...". I'm really proud of myself from the standpoints of nutrition and frugality that our produce stash this time has been actually consumed! And that everyone in the family has eaten my cooking with gusto. Maybe I'm actually on the road to making permanent lifestyle/eating habit changes! Baby steps, baby steps....
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