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I have thought this was related to food intolerances but now I don't know. I have read "The Baby Book" and all the major illnesses and it doesn't seem to fit any just exact. Anyway, lowgrade fever Sat and Sun- didn't check but she was warm and just acted like she didn't feel well. Tummy was upset, but also thought that was due to food intolerances - I ingested some citrus and she seems to be sensitive to it.<br><br>
anyway, yesterday(monday) she kept getting a rash off and on Monday- corresponding to the side she was nursing- I thought it was due to her contact w/ clothes and covers washed in Oxyclean(it seems to have bothered her before). Last night she would not sleep in the night- which is very rare. Just kept nursing and then had some gas- finally got out of bed w/ her after a few hours and the top of her head was nearly red all over and on her forhead. Switched blanket and my shirt- it improved a ton. Thought it was due to contact. Went to the park and it got worse again- it is now down around the front of her ears more but not on the forhead so much. A bit on her trunk now.<br><br>
She is eating well, seems to be having a hard time sleeping though. She is not overly fussy- she is generally so easy going anyway. Not lethargic at all- although she was Sunday. She is currently "talking" up a storm and working on her army crawling skills. Doesn't seem she is carrying anymore fever. Rash is not raised but splotchy and the hotter she gets the closer the splotches get. The seem to be itching her sometimes now as she was rubbing the top of her head. I checked the inside of her checks- no bumps(for measles). She is 5 months.<br><br>
any thoughts????
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