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I just wanted to put the word out that Redmond Parent Coooperative Preschool *still* has openings in their "3's" classes for next year.<br><br>
It is specifically for kids who will be 3 by 8/31/2005 (DS will actually be 4, but we want him to be the oldest for once).<br><br>
Two classes (Thursday & Friday):<br>
A parent needs to come one of the two days, child can stay by themselves the other day. We did this with DD and it was great.<br><br>
Plus, VERY affordable. I think it is $62 monthly next year and there are need-based scholarships available.<br><br>
Class size is held at 18 (and there is one teacher plus 9 parents, so kids get lots of adult attention). There are currently 7 openings in the am and 1 in the pm.<br><br>
If you are interested, there is a website:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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