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sling - made by me, I can send pictures. I made it because I couldn't find one locally that I really liked (wanted to try it before I bought it) and I loved it, but dd hated being inside of it. She wanted to see the world. $7.50 ppd - to cover the cost of material<br><br><a href="" target="_blank">Baby Clothes for sale</a> here 0-3 months, mostly girly. Carter's, Sprockets,<br><br>
and <a href="" target="_blank">Maternity clothes for sale</a> here. Shorts, jeans, summer tops<br><br>
I also have a few Disney videos. All work great and will ship media mail. $6 ea ppd. I have:<br><br>
Lion King<br>
Bug's Life<br>
The Love Bug (brand new, still in plastic wrap)<br>
George of the Jungle<br>
The Mighty Ducks<br><br>
Non-Disney movies $5ppd clamshell case unless otherwise stated:<br>
Quest for Camelot<br>
Rusty (about a dog who fights bad guys)<br>
Charlotte's Web (non clamshell case)<br>
The Secret Garden<br>
Mouse Hunt<br>
Chicken Run<br>
The Borrowers (John Goodman)<br>
The Pagemaster (Macaulay Culkin)<br>
The Amazing Panda Adventure (boy lost in jungle saves baby panda from poachers - cute)<br>
Joey (baby kangaroo's parents kidnapped by poachers, boy and joey have adventure while saving them - also very cute)<br>
Noah's Ark<br>
Non-kid movies $4ppd ea. Non clamshell cases:<br>
Inner Space<br>
Nine Months<br>
Waiting to Exhale<br>
12 Monkeys<br>
For Richer or Poorer<br>
Cable Guy<br>
Demolition Man<br>
Turner and Hooch<br>
Absolute Power<br>
Sister Act I & II<br>
Renaissance Man<br><br><br><br>
Prices listed on clothes picture pages, buyer pays shipping unless otherwise stated. If you don't like the prices, <b>make me an offer</b>. I can take non cc paypal or money orders. If you have any questions email me at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><br><br>
ISO- medium angelwrap aios (girly or neutral prints)<br>
medium Sugarplumbaby fitteds<br>
medium beccabottoms<br>
sos or RB dipes<br>
HH small or medium<br>

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I guess I failed to mention that didn't I? :LOL I really need to go back and fix it. Anyway, the shirts are medium-large, the larges are small larges though that fit more like mediums. The jeans are size 8, the shorts are also mediums. Hope that helps.

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