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**Reduced** My Bei Bei purple hemp carrier

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Like a half-podegi, or maybe like a mei tai without the bottom straps. Looks great, with embroidered panel on the face, and its reversible to a beautiful blue-with-white batik. Straps are purple hemp. Sturdy like unbelievably so, beautiful ...

Asking $45 ppd negotiable and Paypal is good.

Photo here.
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Man this forum is fast. Have to bump it back to page one once an hour.
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Here's a picture. A little darker than it is in real life, but pretty good for a nonphotographer
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nak (napping...not nursing!)

i have a wrap that i made...willing to trade. drk brown jersey (stretchy) cotton with lt blue/crm trim at ends. i can pm a pic this afternoon if you're interested?
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