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REDUCED!!New Age books-Hinduism, Pagan, Numerology, etc!!!!

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REDUCED Dh and I are trying to get rid of some things, as well as get some paypal...

We are reorganizing bookshelves and have a few good ones. These books are either duplicates, or ones that we don't really use.


~It's Here Now (Are You?)- A Spiritual Memoir by Ghagavan Das Softcover vgc $5

~ A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism by Karel Werner vgc softcover (will thrown in The Hindu Tradition-used, but still readable!!!) $5

~Earth, Air, Fire, Water-More Techniques of Natural Magic by Scott CUnningham softcover vgc $4

~~Numerology-Your Character and Future REvealed in Numbers by Noman Shine VGC softcover $5

~The Hidden World of Birthdays by Judith Turner. EC hardback $9

~Magic and Medicine: Reader's Digest Hardback, bottom right corners slightly torn, otherwise vgc $5

~The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana Vintage soft cover $3

~To Celebrate: Reshaping Holidays and Rites of Passage (Alternatives) vgc, softcover $4

~The Celestine Prophecy Hardback, vgc, has a signed note to me inside $4

~The Well Body Book Vintage soft cover, good vintage condition $4

~A Dictionary of Dreams Symbols Like New softcover $4

~The Elements of Feng Shui hardback, vgc $4
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sorry...was nursing dd. Just pm-ed you back
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Make offers, mamas!
Books And Maternity Reduced!!!!!
Hmmm...does anyone see anything they like, but don't like the price, or would rather trade???
Reduced Again
ok...LAST CHANCE. Please make offers, am also open to trades!!!!
New stuff listed
Evening bump
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