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Trying to slim down the stash of movies before the move. All items are $6ppd, unless otherwise noted. All items come with original case as well, unless noted.

*~*~ NOW ONLY $5ppd~~~ Buy two and take an additional $1 off!! I want these OUT OF MY HOUSE!

Ace Venture Pet Detective
Forget Paris
Sister Act
The Fisher King
Liar Liar
Pretty Woman
Father of the Bride
The Paper
The Sound of Music ($10ppd)
Richard Simmons, Sweatin' to the Oldies
Richard Simmons, Step & Sweat
Tae Bo, instructional, Basic Workout and 8 Minute workout, $9ppd

Kids Movies
Care Bears, The Great Race
There Goes a Truck

Little House on the Praire
I have the complete set of Time Life Videos available. It is a total of 44 videos, 22 episodes. All are in PERFECT condition, some still in shrinkwrap. Can list all titles if desired. I'd like $60 + actual shipping. The set cost over $400 new!

Other LHOTP, these will be $5ppd each, or $12 for all three. Buy the Time Life set, and I'll throw these in for free!
The Christmas They Never Forgot
Christmas at Plum Creek
The Creeper of Walnut Grove

Star Wars Trilogy, original movies, New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi--$12ppd

NEW, Still shrinkwrapped World War II---2 tape documentary by Good Times Home Video $15ppd

Baby Dolittle on DVD. The paper has been crumbled a bit but disk in perfect condition. $9ppd

Will make deals for multiple purchases!

ISO, giftables for 2yr old and 3 yr old girls
size 5 girlie jeans
Emu oil
nursing clothing, try me!
children's books, try me!
as always,

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Yep, it is complete. Dh got them for me for my birthday several years ago, but they just take up so much weight in our allowance! I can list the titles for you if you'd like. And I have to weigh the box, so I'll get back with you later today on the shipping.

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It's 22 VIDEOS, 44 EPISODES, not the other way around!
Brain dump!

The entire series isn't available anymore, but I found this information for you.

12. Where can I order the Little House on the Prairie television episodes on video?
Selected videos are available through Time Life Video. Phone 1-800-474-9212 to subscribe, or to order each video individually or find out what episodes are available, phone 1-800-545-2465. Also, you may check your local video store or Wal-Mart; they will frequently have several episodes available.

Will check the shipping costs for you today and get back with you this afternoon. Time to get ds to school and get ready for work.

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Oh, sorry, Maybe I misrepresented that. It is NOT the entire series, it's the complete Time Life set. Titles listed here.
Ones marked with ** are still sealed.

I'll be Waving as you Drive Away, pt 1 and 2
The Camp Out
A Matter of Faith
The Gift
The Odyssey
The Wedding
Remember Me, pt 1 and 2
The Collection
The Creeper of Walnut Grove
Four Eyes
Ebenezer Sprague
Country Girls
Growing Pains
A Harvest of Friends
At the End of the Rainbow
Mr. Edwards' Homecoming
The Race
**The Halloween Dream
**The Werewolf of Walnut Grove
**A Most Precious Gift
**The Man Inside
Going Home
The Talking Machine
The Craftsman
The Richest Man in Walnut Grove
Town Party/Country Party
***** Kid
There's No Place Like Home, pt 1 and 2
If I Should Die Before I Wake
Haunted House
In the Big Inning
The Aftermath
The Cheaters
Laura Ingalls Wilder, parts 1 and 2
For My Lady
Love of Johnny Johnson
**The Premier Movie

And it looks like postage will be either around $20 for parcel post or about $9 for media mail.

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You didn't misrepresent it at all... you said the Time Life set, I just didn't know how many there are. I'll discuss with dh. Don't stop the deal because of me, though, I don't know what he will say. Thank you for checking on this for me.

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Interested in The Sound of Music. Is it in perfect condition? Would you be willing to do a trade? If not, what is your lowest price for that one?
I don't have much paypal.

Feel free to pm me with your answer.
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