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Hopefully, news like this will steel the backbones of Democrats in the coming 109th session:

"Despite a clear-cut reelection and the prospect of lasting GOP dominance in Congress, President Bush prepares to start his second term with the lowest approval ratings of any just-elected sitting president in half a century, according to new surveys.

"That distinction, which pollsters and analysts blame on public discontent over the war in Iraq, comes as Bush begins drafting two major speeches that could quickly recast his image: an inaugural address Jan. 20 and the State of the Union soon after. Bracketed between them is the Jan. 30 election in Iraq, another milestone that could affect public impressions of Bush."

More here:


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Thank you for confirming my suspicions, RD.

It seemed quite clear to me given the direction Bush took after 2000 that once you removed the spector of re-election he could only go further (towards the dark side, :LOL).
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