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I sympathise and have been there, it was awful but they do come through it. I found that weak (in your case exceptionallly weak) chamomile tea helped a little as did the Boiron chamillia capsules as they sooth the acid and support the throat. Basically any chamillia (or chamomilla) teething remedies soothe the tum. You can help by drinking chamomile tea yourself and avoid the following in your own diet;
excessive dairy
red meat

All of these are triggers for reflux and your milk will be affecting your ds. BM really is the best thing, try feeding your dc on the bus or play a white noise cd that helped with my ds. Rocking really helped too or you could try feeding in a sling while moving around. Little and often is the key.

I hope this is helpful. PM me if you need more support. By the way we had our ds on Zantac (Ranitadine) which worked well for a while. You have to make sure your doctor ups the dosage as they get bigger.

Hugs to you, I know how hard this is. x
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