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I have a two week old, and this is my fourth child. I exclusively bf, however she spits up a lot. Sometimes right away, sometimes later, and the milk is all curdled when it comes up. We went to the dr. for a checkup today (she dealt with jaundice and what he thought was too much weight loss), and I told him that she spits up more than the others did. It really wasnt' anything I was concerned with cause she doesn't really seem uncomfortable or anything. He, however, mentioned that she may have reflux, and they have now scheduled her for an upper GI for next week. He said if that is what they found, then we would just give her medicine and it would take care of it.

So, I came home to do a little research, and I'm wondering if it isn't reflux at all...My milk just fully came in when she was 5 days old, so I'm still at that "overflow" stage...I can tell she struggles sometimes with the let down, and sometimes she has to completely come off the breast to catch her breath. I have read how to handle this on kellymom, and have been feeding her from one breast at each feeding, and also feeding where she is more up and able to control things better. She hasn't spit up at all this evening...yet...

Now, last night, she did have a much fussier night that we've had previously. She's been the same tonight. She is fine right now, but she is asleep on my chest/belly as I sit reclined. She has always seemed to prefer being at an incline. Would much rather I carry her in a sling t2t, than cradled too.

I also read about possible allergies, and that sometimes that is all that reflux is...perhaps it's something I'm eating/ milk. So I wondered if I should go ahead and cut that out, or is that jumping to conclusions?

Should I just see how it goes with treating it like it's just the over active letdown? Then, if it doesn't get better go for the test?

I am going to my follow up tomorrow with the midwife, and I plan on asking her as well, since she is more knowledgeable on b'feeding and more "natural" ways to take care of things rather than just medicating. However, I'm not sure if she will feel comfortable answering since she is not the baby's doctor...idk...
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