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Last night I found myself at a Usborne book party. I had to order the "Internet linked Science Encyclopedia" ... it is a basic science reference book for about middle school level- it was a little OVERLY busy illustrated as Usbourne books tend to be- but since my son is just starting to read and he is also an information hound- I figured that he would enjoy looking at all the pictures. Anyway- what was refreshing was that in the human biology chapter the illustrated male anatomy was intact. And that was that... there was not even MENTION of circumcision! My only gripe with the diagram was that the line pointing to the glans- could be mistaken for pointing to the urethra- because it was inside the zone between the foreskin and the urethra- and urethra or meatus was not labeled- so as cross sections read- it was a little unclear- but still- it was so nice to not even see mention of circumcision.

Love Sarah
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