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This has been hanging on my refrigerator since before we had any children. Dh found it and said he thought we might need reminding from time to time. I thought you might enjoy it too so I'm going to share.

Children Need Lots of Security, Respect and Understanding

If a young child were to have the opportunity and language to express thought to parents, he or she might say something like this.

Remember that I am a child, not a small adult. Sometimes I really don't understand what you are saying.

Let me have fun out of little things, no matter how foolish they may seem to you.

I know very well that I shouldn't have everything I ask for- I'm only testing you. Be firm. It makes me feel secure. And if you're not consistent, you add to my confusion about "right and wrong."

Don't correct me in front of people if you can help it. I'll remember much better if you talk quitely with me in private.

Help me to develop standards by which to judge my own conduct, as well as others. If I don't understand limits, I'll never learn to get along in the world.

Try to give me a home where I will always want to bring my friends- not a rich, fancy one, but one where children are respected and mistakes are not treated as sins.

Let me explore my universe. Don't slap my hands when I touch something bright and pretty. I love experimenting and couldn't really learn without it, so please be patient.

Try to give me at least a little corner in our home that is all my own. I need to learn about respecting privacy.

I am very busy living. I need healthy food and sleep to keep me going. And I need you to keep yourself fit and healthy, too.

Don't ever think that it is beneath your dignity to apoligize to me when you have erred. An honest apology makes me appreciate you and teaches me how to do it when I make a mistake.

Let me question. Give me as honest an answer you know. If you put me off when I ask questions, I may stop asking you and seek my information from others who may not have the same ideas.

Let my manners grow out of an understanding heart and good examples.

Let me feel that I am wanted, that I am important to you. Don't be upset when I say, "I hate you." I love you and need you to love me just for being me- not just for the things I can do.

By Fran Morris
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