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It's such a fight every time! I now have to say, "Big mouth," every time she latches, she opens as little as she can get away with, and closes more as the breast approaches. Sometimes I make her re-latch 2 or 3 times and finally she just quits and says, "I done."<br><br>
I'm 37 wks pg and have had terrible nipple pain through most of the pregnancy, but now I'm starting to wonder how much of it is simply due to bad latch.<br><br>
I believe she had some oral trauma at birth, nursing was very difficult the first month or so, and at that time I was so desperate for her to take the breast at all (she wouldn't even take a bottle, didn't want anything in her mouth) that I let her nurse whatever way she could while I bit the bullet. Eventually I made her learn to latch properly, and she did fine until I was pg.<br><br>
She is an exceptionally verbal 2.5 yo, but is unable to explain to me what is going on with this now.<br><br>
She understands that I am sore, and some days she is fine with limiting nursing, but other days it seems to make her want to nurse all the more.<br><br>
Anybody have a clue???????
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