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Are Cheerios really whole wheat? I didn't think they were. THat's interesting. I gave Oatios instead. They are organic and made without preservatives. However all packaged cereals are very processed - better as a treat than a regular dish.

Avocado is a great starter food - full of beneficial fats and easy to digest. Whole grains like millet and brown rice are great and don't have the gluten of wheat. Cook them with lots of water and puree in blender, foods processor or with a baby food grinder.

Any veggies are great - green beans, zucchini, winter squash. Applesauce is great - make your own or get organic, unsweetened at the store. Pears are great too (cooked like applesauce).

Here's a list of other finger food ideas:

§Whole grain bread chunks
§Diced avocado
§Diced banana
§Diced soft, very ripe fruit (mango, peach, canta-loupe, etc.)
§Diced, cooked (very soft) vegetables (squash, pota-toes, carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower, etc.)
§Rice cakes
§Soft crackers
§Well-cooked pasta
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