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A few months ago, right around her 3rd birthday, my dd decided she was done with nursing. She'd been gradually tapering off and then she just stopped asking for it. I was (am) a bit sad but also a bit relieved. It was hard having to nurse her to sleep every.single.time. but I also loved it. I was also tired of the "disgusting and embarrassing" comments from people, especially my mother, not that it's any of their business. But oh I loved nursing my little one. So maybe I'm more than just a bit sad.

But anyway, I always had a hard time pumping so if I didn't have to, I didn't. Now I'm wishing I had some store breastmilk. When dd had an infection a few weeks ago I managed to get a small dribble, apply it, and infection was gone. I have tried pumping but all I get is a little bit of wet on me and the pump. Dd is just not interested in nursing so I'm not going to push it.

So the short question -- is it possible to relactate enough to get one bottle if I pump when my milk supply is obviously on its last legs? Thanks, mamas.
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