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My dd is 5 mos now, and we havent nursed in about a month. She is about to have an upper gi becuase the ped really thinks she has pyloric stenosis...
We havent nursed in a month, because i could no longer keep up with her, she would nurse, throw up, renurse, throw up a little, and then nurse to sleep. The stress was overwhelming and fueled ppd. I have an 18 month old to take care of on top of that.
Now that i am feeling a little more sane we are settled in after a 1200 mile move, i am desperate to relactate. Once she gets her tummy all better i want to nurse until self wean.
So far i havent run into much support at all, and from what i've been reading online, most are skeptical and believe it cant be done.

So far i am pumping several times a day, drinking mother's milk tea, and taking fenugreek. I'm still only getting small little pearls of a colostrum type stuff. I'm considering domperidone.... I do latch her on, i know that's the best way to stimulate, and thankfully she will latch, but quickly unlatches when she doesnt get anything. I am on a hunt for a feeding tube to be able to do SNS on a budget (we did this in the hospital and it worked wonderfully)

Any advice, support, success stories... i'd love to hear it all!!!
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Wow... I was just coming on here to right a similiar post. I was wondering how to relactate. Here is my story...I do breastfeed but only on the left side. My dd had trouble latching on the right side and she would pull herself off and make a choking sound. For some reason when she would nurse on the right side it would really hurt, not soreness but pain. Also, my right nipple is inverted and smaller then my left nipple. So dd preferred the left side. I was so comfortable nursing on the left side I just kept doing that side and eventually the right side dried up. DD is 5 1/2 months old and I would really like to use both sides. Now that she is getting teeth I get really sore and I would love to have a backup boob. I try to put dd on but she gets mad because nothing comes out. If I squeeze I can get 1 drop out but thats it. Do I use a pump? Do I try to put her back on? Any advice would be great....
This might get you started...

I believe that Fenugreek along with Blessed Thistle is supposed to be a great combination. Also, if your skin smells like maple then you are getting enough Fenugreek. If not, you need to up your dosage.

Good luck ladies!

All- Just wanted to post my thoughts on the subject. I have not signed off for months now b/c work has been so busy but wanted to share what I consider a success story.

Here was my situation - similar to a lot of gals I imagine. Had severe PPD and DS took a chunk out of my nipple, got mastitis and also had a 28 mo. old potty training so decided to give up Breast Feeding. When I was feeling better, I really regretted my heat of the moment decision. So when the babe was around 3 mos. I decided to relactate.

So I looked on line, did some research,found this tribe, rented a hospital grade pump and got on my way. I took herbs and just saw little tiny drops come out. Then read about Domperidone and ordered some of that. That increased it a bit but not a ton. In the interim, I got the SNS and started have DS latch on with that. He really did not like it but I think it helped. Started to get a bit discouraged with the milk productions so I gave Reglan a try for a month and that made a big difference. Went back to the Domperidone and now pump on a regular basis 4-5 ounces a pump. I can't believe it.

DS only nurses in the a.m. when I am dripping with milk but it was so worth it just to have that morning session. Did I mention he is now 7 mos. and has not had a bottle of formula for a couple of months. Sometimes when it is hard to find time to pump, I think about giving it up but then I think how far we have come.

So go for it. You can do it!
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Thanks for the advice. My only problem is I have plenty of milk on the left side. If I take something I don't want that side to get too much. I tried pumping and it went great. I actually had milk come out the first time. Not much. It dripped out for about 5 minutes. But then I got lazy. DD won't latch on that side and I hate pumping. I just really need to get determined I guess.
Yes, it can be done! I relactated with my babe and am so glad that I did. He is on about 70 percent breastmilk now - it could probably be more but lately I haven't been very aggressive about backing the formula down. Definately get an SNS or lact-aid - if she's still latching on then this will help tons. You might try calling your local WIC office and see if they have any. Good luck!
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