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reliv nutritional supplements

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dh just got a customer who sells it and is trying to turn us on to it. anyone know anything about it? it seems like good stuff but i have to do my research first.
and as we all know, this is the best place to come to research darn near anything. epinions and consumer reports has nothing on mdc.

thanks for any info/opinions anyone has on this.
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Just what I was going to say! I would also love to know more my neighbor says it has saved her from being wheelchair bound!
I realize this is an old thread but I was trying to get some real information on this stuff.

so far it looks like a pyramid scheme to start and otherwise a vitimin shake. and it is stinking expensive. I am also concerned about the amount of soy in it and so much processed food replacing real food.

any opinions from people who have used it but not sold it?
I don't sell it, but I do use it and it is absolutely wonderful! Dd2 started having horrible diarrhea and eczema after some of her immunizations as an infant. I stopped vaxing, and her problems just wouldn't go away. Turned out she had some allergies too, but even after removing those foods, she was still having horrible problems. She ended up getting a staph infection at one point from the eczema, and I'm convinced she had a mild case of crohn's disease. I had tried absolutely everything, and then my parents told me about Reliv. My Dad had developed a staph infection in the bone of his thumb, and he had gone through the 6 weeks of iv antibiotics and it seriously almost killed him.....and it didn't get rid of the bone infection. My Mom put her foot down and told him no more meds, and she started him on the Reliv four times a day. When he went back for another bone scan in a month, the infection was gone. So, I started dd2 on the Reliv. I started seeing small results almost immediately. And now, 6 months later, her skin looks great (the scars are even fading), and the constant diarrhea six or seven times a day every freaking day is completely gone. It has also worked wonders on my high needs ds1....the fits and tantrums are few and far between as long as he gets his shakes every day. It also helped to get rid of the strep that ds2 had been carrying around for months. They had given us several rounds of meds and nothing was working, but the Reliv kicked it right out. I've also seen improvements in the amount of illness my kids have. I'm a single mom with four kids, so if they're sick I'm the one that has to stay home from work to care for them. Last winter by the time March was over, I had used up ALL of my sick and annual leave time due to illness. And I'm a state worker, so I had a lot of accrued sick and annual leave time. This winter, I think I might have missed only 5 or 6 days of work total. There is no way I would ever go back to not using the shakes.
Oh, and the shakes do NOT replace real food. I give them to my kids with their meals, and they still eat everything that I give them.
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Oh, I also wanted to address the pyramid scheme concern. The technical definition of a pyramid scheme is where someone at the top is making money by signing people up underneath himself/herself, but there is no product being sold. Pyramid schemes are illegal in the US. Reliv is network marketing which is perfectly legal and highly regulated. Reliv is also a member of the Direct Selling Association which is a watchdog company for network marketing. In network marketing, the person at the top is not always the one making the most money because someone "under" that person could very well be working harder and making more money.
Just wanted to clear that up. Can you tell that I've researched b/c I had the same concern????
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